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Request new MIDI files

Obviously, we don't (yet!!!) have all possible choral music reduced to MIDI.  So, if you don't find the music you want in the current library, we can create the files for you with a fairly small turnaround time, depending of course on how extensive and how available the music is.  In order to cover the cost of the score(s) and the time involved, there is a charge for this service...but we'll throw in a customized web page at no extra charge.

There are also other sources of choral MIDI here for links and analysis.

Cost (per score)

  •   $0.15 per measure per part (excluding measures w/ no choral notes)
  •   Max $120
  •   Includes customized web page
  •   Includes correction of any errors found.
  •   MP3 files for an extra $0.05 per measure per part.

For instance, a SATB piece with 60 measures would be (4 parts) x (60 measures) x (0.15) = $36.  With MP3 files, add (4)x(60)x(0.05)=$12.


  •   Payment via PayPal or check when complete and before web page creation.
  •   ChoralTech retains control of resulting files, and will make them available on the free library.
  •   Errors corrected as we are able after reported.


 To request creation of new midi files, please email the following information to us:

  •     Your name (include email address)
  •     Choir name (include web site)
  •     Do you want a web page created?
  •     Do you want MP3 versions created?
  •     Do you want us to contact you first?  If so, how?
  •     What music do you want (title, composer, publisher)?

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